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In addition, the Center offers intermediate Greek courses. The Biblical Language Center’s self-study curriculum is now available as an online course. The combination of intense, 10-day immersion classes, and 15-week online classes taught via video conferencing maximizes the benefits of both classroom and online learning using communicative methods at an affordable tuition. Standard tuition fees apply. Overview. Israel Bible Extension (IBEX): TMU is the only campus to offer an entire semester abroad in Israel. To learn more about the Beginning Greek course program, read the Q&A below and contact […] Spurgeon’s College Commendation in Biblical languages This course is for students who wish to learn biblical Greek and/or Hebrew outside the context of a degree course. ... Why study biblical or Koinè Greek (N.T.-Greek)? 523 NE … The effectiveness of its Living Biblical Hebrew, Introduction Part One and Living Koine Greek, Introduction Part One has been incorporated into a powerful learning tool to help you learn the biblical languages even more efficiently than before. Basics of Biblical Greek 1 Bill Mounce’s best-selling Greek textbook (chapters 1-20), now as an online first-semester curriculum, teaches the essentials of New … Best Courses on Biblical Greek Seminary courses. Biblical Greek 1: 4 units: BL 504: Biblical Greek 2 (prerequisite: BL 503) 4 units: PDF Version. Biblical languages certificate programs also incorporate foundational courses in the Greek language that cover grammar, morphology, and vocabulary. Biblical Languages (NT & OT) NT521 – Greek 1 - Grammar. Also the Institute is a resource and tool for instructors who teach Koine Greek, the … The Certificate Course in Biblical Studies is an affordable non-degree program designed for you to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. Online and More Powerful. The most important reason is to gain a deeper and better understanding of the Word of God. Biblical Greek– Level A. Lectures By: Patrick Schreiner, Ph.D. Recognizing the importance of using the original language for the interpretation of the New Testament, you will begin to gain a foundational knowledge of Greek. The curriculum covers every book in the Bible plus a small handful of additional Bible topics. The Certificate in Biblical Studies focuses on the treatment of the Old and New Testaments with an emphasis in biblical interpretation. Biblical Languages: Students will have a working knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, be able to apply hermeneutics to correctly interpret the biblical text, and understand ministry from a biblical perspective. The flagship course is our Beginning Greek program. The goal of this certificate is to provide students these critically important skills for a lifetime of effective biblical study. You will be taken to Our partners at BibleMesh to facilitate your application For their certificate level, students may choose any four courses in the same area of study, i.e. Both languages can be studied via distance learning or in College. Required Courses – 16 units Request Info Apply. Immerse yourself in the language of the New Testament. This PGCert is an advanced, postgraduate certificate that is designed to enhance prior theological training by enabling mastery of the biblical Greek language. Study for credit: If you are wanting to study Greek online for credit toward your theological degree, you can do this through the New Testament Greek A (LA004a) accredited course during first semester (Feb-Jun). When you complete the new Biblical Languages Certificate Program, you'll be able to do exactly that.. The Biblical Languages Certificate Program will deepen your understanding of God's word for preaching, teaching, and personal study. You can learn biblical Greek at most mid- to large-size theological seminaries. BibleMesh provides New Testament Greek courses to help you learn to read and translate biblical Greek. Download the Certificate, BA & MA Course Summaries Upon my return, I will incorporate this methodology into the teaching of Biblical Hebrew in our seminary back home. Call Us: +(31)182-511735. The WVBS Online Bible School provides students with an online, comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible. This 26-credit fully online certificate allows students to quickly and easily obtain practical knowledge of Bible survey, doctrine, methods of … Biblical Greek Program up to 2 Years of biblical greek. This cost- and time-efficient certificate offers a foundational theological education that is fit for a wide range of students — including church lay leaders, church elders, and ministers without formal training. The Interactive Greek Alphabet Courses will introduce you to the Greek alphabet and teach you how to pronounce Greek words using two different pronunciation systems: Koine (GK091) and Erasmian (GK092). We help you t o g r o w in the knowledge of the Greek New Testament!! Greek has been important in the intellectual life of western civilization, but not to the extent of Latin, except for ecclesiastical matters where it is obviously of major importance for determining the meaning of New Testament texts. With the Biblical Languages Certificate Program from Zondervan Academic, you’ll learn the basics of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic—everything you need to begin working with the text of the Bible in the original languages. Online graduate certificates are available in biblical languages, including Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew. The Certificate in Biblical Languages is an 18-hour course of study designed to ground students in responsible exegesis and hermeneutics in the Christian scriptures. Introductory Greek. Our Christian faith is based on the Bible, the Word of God. It is the equivalent of seminary–level grammar and syntax. The school is designed for anyone who wants a focused, organized, study-at-your-own-pace environment to increase their Bible knowledge. Successfully complete all courses in the certificate program. Visit the President's page to see his availability to speak at your church or ministry. Online and distance learning provides a new way to utilise innovative learning and teaching techniques from anywhere around the world under the supervision of your tutor. The classroom focuses on reading the New Testament in its original language and the Hebrew Bible in its Greek translation, known as the Septuagint. Your instructor is William D. Mounce, author of the most widely used Greek grammar, Basics of Biblical Greek. Master of Hebraic Context of the Bible. This bundle of Greek resources includes everything you need to learn how to read and translate the language of the New Testament. Dr. Bill Mounce blogs on spiritual formation and on Greek at They will reach beyond modern translations and gain a basic understanding of biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek vocabulary, syntax, and grammar, and become empowered to read and translate basic biblical texts. This certificate takes students from the Greek alphabet to reading the Greek New Testament with understanding and confidence. Everything in the course has been expertly designed and time-tested. The Institute of Biblical Greek promotes the study of Biblical (Koine) Greek in Christian education and supports many online educational resources for students learning Biblical (Koine) Greek. Course structure and goals. New Testament Greek Online Series Introduction Winfred P. Lehmann and Jonathan Slocum. If you are looking for becoming a disciple maker and better serve God in your church, community, or in the mission field the Certificate Course in Biblical … Graduation Requirements. [The first lecture was originally given in the course Dr. Mounce was teaching at Gordon-Conwell seminary. Details: Syllabus: Details. The primary activity of the Center is to provide personal, one-on-one, online Biblical Greek instruction. Basics of Biblical Greek 1 Bill Mounce’s best-selling Greek textbook (chapters 1-20), now as an online first-semester curriculum, teaches the essentials of New … Undergraduate Biblical Language Certificate Courses. Wherever you live, there is a strong chance that there is a seminary somewhere close by. GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN BIBLICAL STUDIES AND CHRISTIAN THOUGHT Engage the primary sources and scholarly literature with the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought. Administration – courses with the AD prefix, Biblical Counseling – courses with the BC prefix, etc. These lectures will take you through the main points of each chapter in Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (3rd edition).These Summary Lectures are also available at, along with other free resources for learning biblical Greek. Get acquainted with basic features of Biblical Greek. And if not, numerous schools provide online learning opportunities for biblical Greek. Free Online New Testament Greek Course. Develop essential skills to conduct independent research in ways that promote intellectual understanding, spiritual formation, social responsibility, and global engagement. Whether you are looking to learn Biblical Greek for the first time or you are looking to refresh your knowledge, Greek To Me ™ has everything you need to learn Biblical Greek online! Postgraduate Certificate in Biblical Greek. To graduate with the Graduate Biblical Language Certificate the student will: Complete the minimum number of units required. The Hebraic Context of the Bible certificate program by the Biblical Institute consists of five courses that will provide you with the knowledge and ability to understand, interpret, and teach the Scriptures with far greater clarity. The Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies is a fully online program for anyone who desires to deepen their knowledge of God and his Word. Imagine opening a copy of the Greek New Testament or the Hebrew Bible and being able to understand what it says in the original languages. Graduate Certificate programs require the completion of the Trinity Tutorial and any four graduate courses within the same area of study. All of the necessary resources are online for easy reference and use. Dr. Mounce has taught Greek for decades both in traditional classroom settings and online. What is the Center for Learning Biblical Greek?

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