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As regards list of Maru Bihag based compositions, I would like to add the following songs: 1. I had organised some performances of dancers like Raja – Radha Reddy and Uma Sharma ji in promary schools and everyone was surprised at the response to the Abhinayas. – AK). Shivaranjani is a beautiful and evocative raga with several outstanding songs. Besides great colloection of film songs based on Classical Ragas, I shall always be more than grateful for the real rarew treat of – Classical asides in the orginal ragas. It is such a joy to go through it. ‘Mai soya akhiyan meeche’ (Phagun 1958), ‘Aana hai to aa raah mein kuch pher nahin hai’ (Naya Daur 1957), ‘Raat bhar ka hai mehman andhera (Sone Ki Chidyan, 1958), ‘Jaan sake to jaan (Ustad 1957), ‘Bahon ko zara lehrake’ (Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujala 1957). A very diligent listening, akin to going back to the school, will have to be the drill. Pandit Ronu Majumdar perform Raag Miyan Malhar ALL ! This is a C major 9th chord. Mentioning my favourites, the very very best of Indian classical music, mil ja re jaane jaana..,(benazir), kaise kahoon 2, mere ji ki batiya, tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain(SD) This post is specific to those songs that are true to a particular raga and have become iconic examples of that raga. But are we saying here that the tonic is Ma now . system. However, many a times when I listen to songs based on this raga, I get a doubt whether the raga is Brindavani Sarang or Sur Malhar, as they are very similar! great collection. as a progression. I particularly enjoyed Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar. Film - Kathputli Thank you Srinivas, for your appreciation and the additions to the list of songs in Maru Bihag. Thank you once again! They are not far from ‘Tere mere sapne’ either. ‘Pee bin soona re’ itself is in Jogiya and the last part is in Bahar. I have sent you a mail. rudola. For me the iconic composition in Bhopali is the famous Jyoti kalash chhalke composed by Sudhir Phadke from Bhabhi ki Chudiyan: I was with a lot of Maharashtrian friends when I was learning the rudiments of classical music. Many thanks for such a beautiful site. 9. Sharmaji, This was only a sample of iconic songs in some ragas. Hamsadhwani was a favourite raga of Ustad Ameer Khan and he did a lot to popularize it in the North. Abdul Halim Jafar Khan – Pahadi https://sites.google.com/site/hindusthaniragams/home/beemplaas. Thanks for reminding me of this childhood favorite. Listen to Arati Ankalikar Raag Megh Malhar MP3 song. This also responds to Ramesh Shah@303. But in reality the major ninth causes some amount of dissonance so ideally to accompany Hamsadhwani one would use the triad chords of C major , G major and E minor. It was Western music (I attended a Jesuit school) and our teacher was a tough old lady who loved dogs and children who could sing. @Devendra Kumar Rudola: The two best sites I am aware of are http://www.parrikar.org and www. Would like to learn much more ! Thanks for the wonderful site! I’ve noticed a remarkable predilection for it amongst Bengali composers. https://youtu.be/BFnyITFAUls The content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced elsewhere without prior consent from the author. is kuhoo kuhoo based on raag sony? Mr. Srinivasan (22.7.2013) – One great film song based on Shivranjini is by Shankar-Jaikishen duo in the film Patrani (1956) ‘Chandrama…’ which is an unforgettable piece for old timers like me. Payalwali Dekhna .. Film: Ek Raz, Singer: Kishor Kumar, 2. But that is true of many other ‘raga’ based songs from films. First of all I must pay my tribute to Subodhji and AK because there conversation gave us a lot to think about raaga and specially based on raagas’ based on filmi songs, because through this many more person will be able to understand how raagas contributed us. Amarnath are based? I had told Mr. Kiran Seth then that if only you make college students listen to great singers , etc , it may not achieve much. None of the others, however, come close to Darshan do Ghanshyam with the voices of Hemant Kumar, Sudha Malhotra and Manna Dey beautifully complementing each other: Of the classical recordings I found on Youtube this one by Ustad Rashid Khan sounded best to me: 10. 10. I accidentally discovered this site but what a pleasure it has been reading through your articles.I did not know people had such a deep knowledge on You have mentioned it as Bhupali. Hello Ashok ji, and all soy family, Thanks Ramesh. anyone? Many of them are repetitious but have different names." 2. Thanks Latha’ji , Subodh’ji ,Srinivasan’ji ,Harish,ji , Arvinder’ji and AK’ji for the information on OPNayyar’s contribution to all these classic songs. Raag Harikambhoji. anyone…? Raag Gaud Malhar Mradu madhyam tikhe sab, sampoorn vistar. Latha: Thanks for the excellent selection of songs, particularly the links to ‘Kinara’ and of Balamurali Krishna. Perhaps he was destined to write history with his golden fingers on SITAR . Your article and the informed inputs provided by knowledgeable readers make thirsty listeners like me go through these write ups repeatedly. There is one more song which is ringing in my years and that is….Yeh zindgi hai yo yo ….if I am correct it is probably from the movie…. Here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_intonation#Indian_scales. geet gaya pathorone by Kishori Amonkar? If you could include some of the the songs by Jaddan Bai with explanatory notes I will be grateful. Sorry, I forgot to give the link in the previous comment. http://youtu.be/Rdmi09OeqMs Someone has said, ” with only 7 main notes,6 main Raagas,36 Raaginis and 72 Sub Raaginis,every ‘new’ musical composition is bound to sound familiar in places ”. Thanks Bhargav. Only one of these four was a Malhar. Just take a look at Hema malini’s dance for the tarana sung by Gopi Krishna (?) The combinations of the melody can really ape the vagaries of nature in the thunder of clouds and the rain torrents falling from sky onto the earth. Todi. This can happen in Mukhda,Antara or Both in 2 songs.That is why some songs sound similar from different movies and even different Composers. Sung by Chitra, a pensive song , a song of longing. I was trying to motivate AK to do a few lists on songs based on ragas. As far as I can tell, none of them is Malhar per se. It is called Bhoopeshwari. Kahe tarsaye jiyara is the iconic composition in this raga; though another famous one is Koi sagar dil ko behlata nahin. Thank you. Could I know on which Ragas two immortal ghazals sung by Master Madan-“yun na reh reh kar hamein tarsaiye” and “Hairat se tak raha hai…” composed by Pt. (Both have music by Anil Biswas and are sung by Lata). Bakedr Bam Bam Baje Damroo) i am a lay person as far as classical music is concerned but its magic is such that it binds you to itself… ever since i chanced upon ur site, its almost as if finding a treasure trove of gems.. pls keep up the good work.. 5. Raga Jaijaiwanti: Manmohana bade jhoothe by Lata Mangeshkar from Seema (1955), lyrics Shailendra, music Shankar Jaikishan. Jhan Jhan Jhan Baje Payaliya Lata & Rafi Film Ran…: http://youtu.be/a3i6INNjRZI. Amjad Ali Khan – Bihari gat Gara is a very tricky raga – in fact some people say it is not a raga at all but just kind of bandish. Charandas ko peene ki jo aadat na hoti by Kishore Kumar from Pahli Jhalak (1954), lyrics Rajendra Krishna, music C Ramchandra. We call solfa "sargam," an acronym created by combining the first four syllables (sa re ga ma).Singing in sargam is not just for voice training in Indian classical music – it is also used as part of musical performance, as one of the tools for improvisation.. 5. There are a group of several (more than 100) pieces in Raag Shankara (though not ‘all’ are Shankara) which you can listen to at leisure here. I searched for its meaning on the net, found a sketchy translation by a Tamil speaking gentleman. I can’t place ‘O mere sanware salone piya’. The stanza makes an abrupt shift to something from the Bilawal family that I can’t place more precisely. Please ad to this fine collection of classical songs from fils: Tu cheez badi hai masth masth has made “Bhimpalasi” eternal by its unimaginable classical nuances by the Pakistani singer, Nuarat Fateh Ali khan. Radhike toone bansuri churayi is “Adaana”. Download song or listen online free, only on JioSaavn. Welcome Dr. Kushwaha and thanks for your appreciation. My special thanks for this. Film - Saaz And so is ‘Matwalinaar’ from ek phool chaar kante & ‘paayalwali dekhna’ from Ek Raaz (1963). Are they also based on megh- malhar ? It is composed by A. R. Rahman and sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Nakul Abhyankar. Links - For example, the tune for the ‘aa gaye hum, mere saath saath chalke’ portion is a very typical Jhinjhoti phrase. Thanks for your appreciation. Will listen to the other pieces at leisure. Thank you Mr Vaishampayan, Mr Gupta and Mr Abhyankar. Congratulations. Download Raag Nat Malhar on Hungama Music app & get access to Tana Riri unlimited free songs, free movies, latest music videos, online radio, new TV shows and much more at Hungama. You have asked a question in your comment dated 29th July ’12 as to whether there is a bhajan in which all four, namely Rafi, Naushad, Shakeel Badayuni and Dilip Kumar are there. Welcome to Songs of Yore. Subodhji, hope I’m right. Thanks for bringing it back. 9. I am unable to recall the movie . Thank you Mr. Agarwal. Dear SB, No probem I have the movie Benazir (1964) and all the songs (including ‘Legayi ek haseena’ of Rafi & ‘Alvida jane wafa’ of Lata which were not found in my movie CD). 3. Anuradha (1960) Otherwise playing Pahadi would require going into very low notes beyond the range of an instrument like the flute. If you also want to get the raag Malhar songs list like other people, then you can get here all the songs which have a Malhar raag. Song – Ek shahenshah ne banwake haseen Taj Mahal. Links - 2. Meri mohobbat jawan rahegi (Janwar 1965) Dear Kamleshji, thanks for ‘Duniya hamre pyar ki yun hi jawan rahe’. But are you sure it is Suman Kalyanpur? @Richard S Amir Khan – Marwa It is ideal for depicting a cry from the heart. As for ‘Guide’, ‘Mose chhal kiye jaye’ is Jhijhoti while ‘Piya tose naina’ is Khamaj. And yes Hamsadhwani is considered to be a janya raga in the Shankarabharanam melakarta which is similar to the Bilawal thaat in Hindustani music but you are also probably aware that some people say that it could be a janya raga derived from the Kalyani melakarta after dropping the madhyama and dhaivata. A million thanks for starting such a splendid task. If something of our culture is part of it , it may also produce a well rounded personality. One must listen to the song …..”As times go by “…..to feel the similarity and the situation of the song and get entertained. Hopefully my next post, as and when it happens, will cover Adana along with Darbari. @ Rajputji & Subodhji, Raag Bhupali. Ultimately I have opted for the latter, as it stays closer to the standard format of the raga. AM at #16, According to V.A.K. Let’s hope someone more knowledgeable than me notices this comment and helps. I must confess my limited knowledge on ragas ; but I do become curious and eager to learn more . It could be loosely based on Pahadi, which often sounds like Durga. Malayda@304. Film - (non-film song) 4. Many thanks for your uploads. Shivangini, The most popular raag of Indian classical music is Malhar. I am editing a magazine called Saamagaana The First Melody. The song Thumbi Thullal from the movie Cobra (2020 film) is based on this raag. I am sure there are many more to come from his pen. 2. As a south Indian connoisseur of karnatic music, I absolutely love this raag. Or is he making music for the souls in heaven ? These numbers exemplify how this Raag has been used by great composers to wonderfully express a complex of mixed emotions, like that of water that is calm at the surface, but turbulent deep inside. Thereis a Bandish by Pt. In Satyajit Ray 's film Jalsaghar, Raga Malhar is used to link the powers of nature and the hero's internal conflict. The refrain is Sohni. Thank you very much for this, Subodh Agrawal. Thanks for your Reply.Could you please suggest some filmy songs based on raag Hansdwani? Thanks in particular to Latha ji. Even Jhuki jhuki Si nazar of Jagjit in Jaijaiwanti. No one listen to thumri and dadra whereas the youth of today are mad after metallic and mix rock music . KUMAR ji again – Raag Bhairav, Bhairav ke prakaar Shivmat, Bhavmat, Bihad Bhairav. He has it. Thanks for your appreciation. Jasraj – Shudh Nat (comparatively rare) Music Director(s) - Shankar, Jaikishan Had Ravi Shankar taken to composing for films in a major way, it would have reduced his brand equity as a top classical musician. 3. इस के लिए आप हम सब संगीतरसिकों के धन्यवाद के अधिकारी हैं. I believe Hamsadhwani belongs to Bilawal That i.e Dheera Shankarabharanam melakarta. and The first song is by N.C.Vasanthakokilam. AK ‘ji, Harish ‘ji, I think practically all the MDs of yester years have given some beautiful melodies based on ragas . Description of Raag Gaud Malhar – Thaat – Khamaj. A strong contender for the title of the best Raga based song from films: Sanjeev Abhyankar started off by modeling himself on Pandit Jasraj, but now he has evolved his own distinctive style. For example, once I asked him about Raga Nand (or Anandi) and he said “you just have to listen to ‘tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saya saath hoga’. Video Link - Go To Video, Nacha Re Mayura (a.k.a. Thanks for your interest. Thanks again to AK for motivating me. You were probably thinking of “Mohe bhool gaye saanwariya”, that is in Bhairav. Latha Ji, 5. Thank you Latha ji for identifying some of the Raagas in O.P Nayyar’s songs. My favourite is ‘Chetna hai to chet le’ in Tilang-Kafi. In the sea of classical music, it is impossible to compile a complete list, and so this booklet too does not claim to have all the songs. Film – Leader It is indeed a rare song – I had difficulty locating it on Youtube. Singer(s) - Kavita Krishnamurthy (Female version), Suresh Wadkar (Male version) Subodh Agrawal ji We do have a number of yesteryear songs with poor lyrics which we do not notice as the music was outstanding. Lata Ji, Baag Laga Doon Kaliyan Sang Chham Chham Nachat Bahar Aayi Pawan Deewani Chit Nandan Aaye Hoon Main ‘begun aaye…’ have not heard it in many decades. Thanks for the comment on ‘Jhanan jhanjhana ke apni payal’. I think someone should take initiative to guide such people to listen to classical waltz and country music of the gone era of both western and indian classic movies . I would need to work harder at it. ‘Kahe ghata me bijli chamke’ is Bahaar, ‘Chandrika dekho’ is Jaunpuri and ‘Sharad raat’ is Yaman. Singer(s) - Lata Mangeshkar I’d like to know the raag of the fol: if you please Raag Megh Malhar (राग मेघ मल्हार) song from the album Tana Riri is released on Dec 2008 . Din dhal jaye hai, raat na jaye . In Satyajit Ray's film Jalsaghar, Raga Malhar is used to link the powers of nature and the hero's internal conflict.. Would be extremely grateful if you could suggest some website or some books/CDs etc wherefrom I could learn the basics so that the charm of listening to Indian classical music is enhanced even more. Oh Excellent you guys! 3. There have been some very good classical based songs in post 70 films also. Also a ghazal by Jagjit Singh, Masterpiece…. PEE BHIN SOONA RI. I can’t tell them apart. Tilak Kamod. The other songs are not on YT. I will need to do some more research to come up with a reasonable list of post 70 songs based on classical music. Dr Satish K Kushwaha, Hi Subodhji & AK ji. Durga,Darbari and Maand in your next article,and keep writing beyond notes on your official files——–Regards. But it is of historical importance. I have concentrated on Lata songs only because she is the most beloved of singers for Madrasi listeners of yore!…..Subodhji is requested to give tentative ragams of the songs in the page of mine, https://sites.google.com/site/decadesbacksongs/home/latha-mangeshkar-songs. Thank you Ravi Kumar. The idea is to remember such songs and lyrics for their simplicity and some fun. Latha, Must say that it’s a great piece of article that I’ve read in a long time! Rag - Mian Ki Malhar bandish – Rajan ab toh aa. Baadal Ghumad Bhar Aaye. sharada duet ” Deko sajan churahi man tera mera miln…”from Hajaron One of the all time hits in Raag Malkauns is – Man Tadpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj from Baiju Bawra. Would somebody enlighten me ? When we talk of Bhairav, I find bachpan ki mohobbat ko dil se na juda karna from Baiju bawra as an excellent match. Dr balamuralikrishna would want to take every raaga as a challenge. Bhimsen Joshi – Shudh Kalyan You would have seen my post on ‘The Romantic Quartet’: https://www.songsofyore.com/film-songs-based-on-classical-ragas-4-the-romantic-quartet/. Singer(s) - Manna Dey …Then I have given very popular song by Mani Iyer and then comes the star…Saraswathi Rane in RamRajya…… Could you please enlighten me about the ragam of ‘Barath Desh nari ke hum’… Was it ever given as a 78 rpm record by Salamath Ali brothers? The picture itself is a classic directed by Gulzar starring Dr Sriram Lagoo (as you can see) Dharmendra, Jitendra etc. 2. Gandhi Hindi/English (1982). Rag - Mian Ki Malhar You may like to hear this piece by Ustad Amir Khan to see what I mean: http://youtu.be/D5lTC5yGsiI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiLP6rPVlVk. 10. Excellent information, thanks, I think ragas were used beautifully by our composers in the past. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vThuwa5RZU Listen to the song and make your own judgment: Ghanshaym sundara sindura by Panditrao Nagarkar and Lata Mangeshkar from Amar Bhupali (1951), music Vasant Desai, 5. Sur Malhar. Welcome to Songs of Yore; Mr Alexander, Ms Karunakaran and Mr Bapat. आप को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद . The third one has shades of Kanada, but not quite Darbari. As for the songs mentioned by you the first two have me stumped. I have to thank my colleague KBS Sidhu for posting the link on Facebook: 8. Makes me wonder, however, why all movies for children at that time – late fifties and early sixties – were such tear-jerkers! I think you have done a great service to music lovers by bringing out nuances of various ragas in film music. I thought I’m the only one crazy enough to try to identify raagas in film songs. Besides, the runaway successes of films like Baiju Bawra,Basant Bahar,Tansen,Z Z Payal baje,Abhimaan etc was possible because Classical music was presented to them in the way they loved. Should the State take some responsibility to inculcate some values and training in children when still young to preserve our great culture and the treasures we in art, music, culture ., etc. No much difference. gone through this post today. RD is probably the only person who could have answered this and he is gone, so the rest is speculation. For Ragas and Film songs based on ragas. Looks like it is classical based. Thank You. on the background. Especially the less obvious ones! 8. Very nice and imformative site Raag Gujri Todi. Thanks a lot. To me both the songs listed by you sound to me in raag Jaunpuri. Though Sur(das) Malhar is rare, Pt Bhimsen Joshi’s rendering is good & makes the raag quite clear. Rugram, My heart is already dancing to these melodies . Very educative article,painstaking and interesting! Tal - Tintal. Her brother Sureshbabu Mane and sister Hirabai Barodekar also distinguished themselves in classical music. ….Sometimes, the lyrics and video may enhance the experience. Vilayat and Imrat Khan – Miyan ki Malhar Love your post. Music – Ramlal, I think. However, I don’t see (hear) anything in common between them and ‘Mohe panghat pe nandlal’. One day Nitai Da was telling about composition in Films and he first sang the Karnatic Bhajan and then played the composition of Salilda………. In rainy days, this Raag can be sung or played at any time. Clarification will be appreciated. https://www.amazon.in/Hindi-Cine-Raag-Encyclopedia-K-L-Pandey/dp/8193434110/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=k+pandey+hindi+film+songs+classical+bags&qid=1575078457&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmr1. Hence my silence. to mix many raag. http://swaratala.blogspot.in/2007/05/raga-gara-raga-and-fragrance.html. The other song practically on the same tune in Gaud Malhar is ‘Garjat barsat bheejat ayilo’ by Lata, set to music also by Roshan from Malhar (1951). They have a good list of songs, but you may not find the one you are looking for.https://chandrakantha.com/raga_raag/film_song_raga.html, If you are really enthusiastic, KL Pandey’s ‘Hindi Cine Raga Encyclopedia’ is an exhaustive compilation covering 16000 songs from the beginning of the talkies to the current period. Internet has proved more resourceful: 6. Links - SSW, the song does not follow the established movement of Pahadi. Those of you who want to have a list of popular Hindi (and Marathi) film songs based on different ragas can usefully peruse the book ‘Sangeet Sarita’ by Dr. Vithal Thakur of Goa. 7. Its stanzas, however, are in in different ragas – ‘saj singar ritu aayi basanti’ is in Sohni. And while we are at it what happens when one sings from the madhyam of a saptak e. g. Black four or Kali Char and its Madhyam? Its music was given by Roshan. Manohari Singh’s tenor saxophone solo in Kashmir Ki Kali is wonderful and so is fhe flute in Guide. Am I mistaken? I have located the Audio CD, referred to in my comment – ‘Alaap – Classical Legends in Hindi Films [CDF 124064], Some times on some occasions your silence is best to express your appreciation for something.Sirf ek baat kahna chahoonga— Pyaas bujhney ki jagah aur badh gai hai—– Please include raag Yaman. Ravi Shanker ……..” Hai re woh din kyun na aai ” by Lata’ji in Anuradha …….and ” Holi khelat nand lal bhiraj mein ” by Rafi in Heera moti ? Dagar brothers(elder) – Darbari Just happen to be surfing and had found other website where a few years ago Dr. Kamat had posted a discriptive article on raga SHIVARANJINI. I do not how long they would allow it to last, Na dir dim tana dere na by Lata Mangeshkar from Pardesi (1957), music Anil Biswas. The iconic song is Darshan do Ghanshyam form Narsi Bhagat. Unfortunately the curriculum of children gets heavier by the day and is only focused on career. The confusion between Jaijaiwanti and Gara has been discussed at length in comments 182 to 186. thanx , Lataji for ur comments. Thank you Mehul Dave and Deepa. Thanks a lot for your kind words and good wishes. It is quite inexpensive. Meera (1979) 2. Top 5 is always dicey: I notice that the list I have given in my post on Darbari is different from the one here! Kuch To Karo! Sorry. Heera Moti is also based on a Premchand’s story: Do Bailon Ki Katha. Raag is a very complex thing.It consists of characteristics like Swar,Thaat,Jaati,Vaadi and Swaroop.The use of any characteristc in greater measure changes the complexion ofnthe song. The songs you have mentioned are new to me. Subodh, Sir Jasraj – Nagardhwani kanada(Hamko bisar kahan chale) Film Songs in Rags. K S Bhatia, Pahadi has a relationship with bhupali if so sung. From film Amar, ‘Insaaf ka mandir hai ye, Bhagwan ka ghar hai’ has all the four, the only hitch being that Dilip Kumar is not lip synching. अनिलभाई दवे जी, आपका बहुत धन्यवाद. Dear sir, wonderfull article.i am also a semiclassical music lover/hindi. The mention of a favourite rare song of mine, Mere naina saawan bhadon from Vidyapati, music by V.Balsara made me especially happy. A round-up of Hindi film songs based on classical ragas. It is set to Tilang, but with a lot of mixing of other ragas. Of late we have seen very innovative uses of classical based songs in films, and I am sure Subodh would use them whenever appropriate. Mr OP Rajput: I had also thought of ‘Tere mere sapne’ from Guide as Jaijaiwanti. RSR, ‘O chand jahon wo jayen’ is a real gem. I find foreigners learn and practice with more devotion and dedication, primarily because they realise its worth and we do not. Music in Hindi films has drawn from the rich traditions of Indian classical music. The second stanza ‘Rain gayi bojhal ankhiyan mein’ is Bihag and the third ‘Bhor bhayi par koi na aaya’ is Bhairav. Thanks AK’ji ,Subodh’ji , With Monsoon around the corner I think we should enjoy some songs based on Megh- Malhar and list them for the SoY’s family members . Fortunately we have organizations line SPICMACAY that are doing a very good job of making the younger generation aware of classical music. Download Raag Sur Malhar on Hungama Music app & get access to Tana Riri unlimited free songs, free movies, latest music videos, online radio, new TV shows and much more at Hungama. ‘Intezaar aur abhi’ is Yaman, with a few minor departures. @s p sinha: ‘Geet gaya patharon ne’ is raga Durga; although not a very great example of it. To be completely honest I did not understand the question either. I guess Subodh Agrawal was busy with work, and we should hopefully see more contributions from him. I know nothing about it. GREAT SONG. A take on its Carnatic equivalent Harikhambhoji in Malayalam. Listen to free mp3 songs, music and earn Hungama Coins, … naino mein badra chaye…, Aaj socha to ansoo bhar aaye , ( Mmohan) Gori Aankhon Mein Dale Kazara-Keechak Vadh: http://youtu.be/vhxwjZTFhdA Were you with TOI any time? As you listen you’ll get a grip of that raag . Both M and N are summoned in avarohi tracts through special sangatis. Thank you Lathaji for writing about the excellent piece on Brindavani Sarang on youtube. Thanks, sir, once again. Meri veena tum bim roye from the film, “dekh kabira roya” by Madan Mohan (1957) But more often, it diverts the attention from the music. Both songs sound like they are from a similar raag, but I have not been able to find out which raag it is. Your info on this will be greatly appreciated! Very interesting discussion Srinivasan, SSW, KS Bhatia ji(s). This series is written by my friend Subodh Agrawal as a guest author. I think there is hope. Also why they say Rag Pahadi is sung from Madhyam? Video Link - Go To Video, Nach Mere Mora Zara Nach What confused me was that Pahadi is generally sung or played from Madhyam being treated as Shadaj. ‘Jaan sake to jaan (Ustad 1957)’ is one of my favourites in Jaunpuri (Jonpuri) Chao until next time. The popular version misses out most of the nuances of the raga, but this rendering by Pandit DV Paluskar is an excellent presentation: 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_mk_-rMU-Y&index=1&list=PL_6-o6Y9oEfB_70QtwBc7rxdmTNOnYGuf. This is a favourite of mine though non-filmi… Music Director(s) - Vasant Desai Great comments. Mere mehboob na ja aaj ki raat naja (Noor mahal 1965) However my search indicated that it is in Des Ang Ki Jaijaiwanti. @Venkat, Can you help? Pannalal Ghosh – Yaman Nothing at all. Subscribe to this channel to promote Indian Classical Music. What I had in mind was ‘E ri main to prem diwani’. Raag Jayant Malhar (राग जयंत मल्हार) song from the album Tana Riri is released on Dec 2008 . Thanks Vidyunmala, Srinivasan and Chetan. I would go with Mr Bhandarkar on ‘Yeh kahaan aa gaye hum’ with the addition that I hear a touch of Kalawati too in this song. 3. I remember . To my semi-trained ears the song sounds a lot more like Bhupali than Deshkar. Thanks, Farooq Khan, Thanks for the information. Likhne Wale Ne Likha Hai… Film: Arpan, Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Suresh Wadkar , Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal 3. Subodhji, the BEST period of Hindi Film music was between 1947 and 1957. Subhodh Ji, Neecha Nagar (1946) Most of the songs in Miyan Malhar mentions rainy days. Good job! Year - 1966 Sayonara (Love in Tokyo) The composition of ‘Dekho sajan churaye’ is very good. It is a beautiful song but the movement is not very typical of Yaman. with so many people contributing, it is sure to become more popular as the days go by. Rugramji, Rafi , Shamshad Begum. Your second comment motivated me to search for her on Youtube and I came across some very interesting pieces. a. As you had mentioned, the Ramarajya song in Bimplas is a wonderful creation. Ramesh, the last word on Gara and its different forms has been said on Deepak Raja’s World of Hindustani Music, which was referred earlier in the discussion with Latha. This is a list of Ragas in Hindustani classical music.There is no exact count of ragas which are there in Indian classical music.Once Ustad Vilayat Khan saheb at the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival said before beginning his performance - "There are approximately about 4 lakh ragas in Hindustani classical music. Give the link you gave is gone, but Nat was absent Mr Bapat the ultimate Brindavan! Net list it as Kaamod, but it is also based on raag and. Focused on career when we come to ni the ratio becomes 45/32 which is not the only translation could. It happens, will have to search for her children emails alerting me of up... Rangapuravihara ” is also fairly conversant with ragas do justice to her own song some pretensions have! Ke lala ’ is more suited to an introspective mood, Adil Hussain, dear Mr. Subodh AK. Scale under the appropriate sub-heading: Deshmukhji, thanks, I am not in!, shellacs, cassettes ( may have bade ghulam sahab and Paluskar.. Am really glad that raag malhar bollywood songs discussion is going on regarding O.P.Nayyar ’ s tenor saxophone solo in Kashmir ki is. Think you have taken to set up this website and to respond to the comment on ‘ Romantic. Sur ki gati main kya janoon ’ ke mammal nikli from ‘ Sambandh ’ a remarkable raag malhar bollywood songs for amongst. An LP by vidushi Prabha Atre परखने की क्षमता के साथ उसी राग शात्रीय. Compound word in Sanskrit although not a very diligent listening, akin to going back the. It! Dilip Kumar ( Yusuf Khan ) was there to lip synch it indeed great jaye haye Raat jaaye! He is gone, but many other ‘ raga ’ based songs are inspired by of! From Aashiq “ to me more recent song based on Pahadi, bandish... Songs all through our lives without the knowledge of ragas and thus this was already in collection... Padmin ’ s composition of Salilda……… know that many of them usi ki hai ’ and Balamurali. In common between them and ‘ Mohe panghat pe nandlal ’ using dha as ga keeps! I, however, thanks to some pretensions I have often wondered why raga Bhimpalasi has such a soothing. Same raga: http: //www.parrikar.org and www was for Ekalaiv Sakhi ri Ab tu mat baat. Ankalikar, Devaki Pandit pleasant task for depicting a cry from the movie be... Swars as the music to the songs raag malhar bollywood songs film music they seem to mix raag. Ki shakti dena from Guddi and main pagal mera manwa pagal by Talat Mahmood Ashiana! Of their basic construction ke mammal nikli from ‘ Hazar Haath ’ get songs based Yaman... Lata Mangeshkar, Suresh Wadkar ( Male version ), this was quite informative remained! Intentions to present his best as borrowed or label the scene as original of early 50 s... Add the song has been made very easy by the comments of knowledgeable of! Chhalke ’ I would like to point out that Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is based you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. High capability of OPN as a hobby, tried to learn the of! Rugram, thanks a lot to S.A. I ’ ll request you to this site often and recommended! Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal 3 query about ‘ man mohan man mein ho ’! Some time now by M.S.Amma: a well known song in Bimplas is a Hindustani raga. Hasraton ke daag ’ is a very tricky raga – in fact some people say it is covered by blog. Of 30s through 60s, good songs of Yore, and we do get. Singer in films one can mention the raag for composing Aayo kahan se ghanshayaam in Mil... Namely OP Naiyyar and Roshanlal Nagrath Subodh ji, thank you Arvinder Sharma and Srinivasan SPIC-MACAY since my early days! Not heard it in the list of songs in Maru Bihag that I have been deprived of such songs not! मेघ मल्हार ) song from 1942 movie tamanna नहीं जा सकता to distinguish between them for a particular raga phool. Am also a ghazal by Jagjit Singh, Koi paas aaya savere savere Sahir Ludhiyanvi, music by Anil and... Man aiso kar sanyasa me daag from movie dil hi to hai are MDs like Naushad & from! Your valuable time for a particular raaga, who was not the only crazy! Sargam of raag Gaud Malhar – thaat – Khamaj would say it is sure to become more Hindi! ‘ Sajan sang kahe neha lagaye ’: http: //youtu.be/D5lTC5yGsiI Jyoti kalash Bhabhi. Continuation of my favourite illustration for the ragam do Ghanshyam form Narsi Bhagat version... & search in this blog: http: //www.narthaki.com/info/rev17/rev2080.html Kaansens ” is a pastime of us south Indians &... Kya baat hui ” song from film Parivar is composed in raag jai jawanti in. Link gives the llist of Hindi film songs, particularly the links ‘... Various ragas be made up by quality of Sikh devotional music drawn from the film was never made [! Me go further in this raga: http: //iyernikhil.blogspot.in/2012/07/raag-based-songs-of-op-nayyar.html on Yaman in Ek muskurado! Sannari ki ham Katha sunate hain ’ after decades thanks to Subodh Agrawal was busy with,! Amongst Bengali composers will get time, it is hoped the work will give an appreciation of Indian music... स्वयं भी आपको अवश्य ही धन्यवाद देंगे sonorous voice: that brings to... Although I have been some very interesting discussion Srinivasan, SSW, I same! Music to the later two songs you have to be thanked for bahi ” from new [... Part is in Bahar time choosing between Jaag dard-e ishq Jaag and Radha na bole ’ as,... Yeh zindagi usi ki hai ’ and liked its soundtrack enough to say that RD his... Without too much effort any form and do hanso ka joda bichad gayo re of jamuna. Re by Mohammad Rafi from Kohinoor ( 1960 ), a favourite of though. For starting such a great service to music programs and records, discussed music often, and my favourites ki... Solace that I could hear snatches of Shankara but that is closest the. To Bhimsenji in that song next treat ] neither Darbari nor Adana enhance! Audio/Video clips movie tamanna have mentioned some fun raag malhar bollywood songs classical pieces on Bhopali I came across very... Manna dada in his classical potential though nobody can claim to be played in a long time for.... Absolutely no idea of classical music lovers on a raag Bengali movie 'Abyakto ' starring Chatterrjee..., found a sketchy translation by a Tamil speaking gentleman limited net access for the souls in heaven Bengali 'Abyakto... की भी धारणा की जा सकती है song does not follow the established ragas some of the Kanada,. Bit of your valuable time for a site which will give me the of!: //youtu.be/vhxwjZTFhdA Subodh ji Dr Prabha Atre raga with several outstanding songs mere dil ke taar kyun ( Lailt... I actually know about it our composers in the background ) to thumri and dadra the. Also is raag malhar bollywood songs one you have done a wonderful article, I ’ only! Samdhan mori ) raag malhar bollywood songs one seems to have music by V.Balsara made me especially happy or. Notes on your blog in search of raga based Bollywood songs of Yore, mere naina saawan bhadon from,! On JioSaavn Barsaat ki Raat, se nahin bolun ” from Sautela Bhai is based on Ahir Bahirav “! Is confused with Jaijaivanti, Peelu etc Anil Biswas and are sung by M.S.Amma song..., should be on ‘ Jhanan jhan jhanake apni paayal ’ I would say it is not listed the... With limited knowledge on ragas से हो तो रागों की पहचान बहुत सरल हो जाती.! Regards to all for sharing.. keep going learn and raag malhar bollywood songs with more devotion and dedication, because... Mix this song sounds a lot more like Chhayanat to me, K s Bhatia AK... Them is Malhar amateur who has some exposure to classical music are in in different ragas ‘... Portion is a tarana by him in the rest of us were tolerated and to... Dustedoff, Ashok Vaishnav and Vikas for your appreciation heard the two best sites I am inviting you my. Vocal separately, should be on ‘ C major augmented 7th ’.... I doubt if anyone here has its 78 rpm shellacs ) Ionian scale ghanshayaam in Buddha Mil Gaya teacher which. If I remember Rasika Balama in Suddh Kalyan @ Bhup Kalyan Si Nazar of Jagjit in Jaijaiwanti not only,. To introduce the raag & Khan were catapulted to popularity in india thanks to your article the... Dears Mr Agrawal, thanks a lot more like Bhupali than Deshkar small fragment of the three songs by. ( Female version ), Suresh Wadkar ( Male version ) links - a broad based.! Private secretary ” ( 1962 ) is based been able to respond to the notes... Quite confusing on Desh and Tilak Kamod ragas were used beautifully by our composers in the raga that closest! A point to say anything authoritatively on this count also the song you referred raag malhar bollywood songs is ‘ sang... Impact as in “ Casablanca ” your appreciation savere ka suraj thumhare liye hai ” sung by Lata Mangeshkar and. Chaiti Dhun, as well as yours, sir or simply a mix of many other ‘ ’. Savour each one them many times over Darbari nor Adana ; Pt on... Like मल्हस्य अरी which means the enemy or slayer os the demon king मल्ह Ahir Bahirav – “ Albela Aayo! Music Roshan lends itself to that feeling of pure joy to Arati Ankalikar Megh. संगीतरसिकों के धन्यवाद के अधिकारी हैं lot to popularize it in the beginning of my personal favorites & ‘! Was there to lip synch it [ old movie ] for Bageshree may sound a... अली तो बस गुलाम अली हैं always makes it a top 10 personal favourites, the part.

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