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As close to election day as the DA can get. Cheese curds. The Simpsons has 'predicted' a doomsday in 2021 following the US election Credit: Fox Robots fill the town, buildings are on fire and Homer is wearing armour … Solved Personally, I think Trump is too stupid to step down, and he will fight the Republicans on this. When my daughter was under the age of two, could not sp... RE: If you see a hit (prediction made on this site that has come true) please post here. I do feel a little nervous about it ... like something is "off". Even so, fans get excited when a new "prediction" emerges, often taking to Twitter to share screengrabs. Hong Kong to introduce a universal pension to help the poverty-stricken seniors in that country. Here is the mix: 1. I just sense darkness there - I cannot tell if it's because of health, if he just up and quits, or what. These are all things to keep in mind as you continue your home search into 2021. I'm a born pessimist, so I don't see much improvement. Unapproved But they are no longer as determined to fight as they were before. So as bad as the riots that followed Floyd's death was, it did serve a purpose. The presidential election . Precious precious so greatly loved by us all Share. Fearful Rethuglicans will resort to violent confrontation if Dems protest at all, they may not want to die on the BLM hill right now, but I think that will change if they feel absolutely cornered. This site is intended for interest, education, and entertainment only. Scotland breaks away from th United Kingdom to become an independent state in 2021. (Individual schools need to close if cases creep up). Pink short sleeve shirt, plaid shorts, smiling. "Sitting" to me feels like settling in -- it feels solid, like he's there to stay. Another possibility is if the Republicans in charge (McConnell, McCarthy, Graham, etc.) We're doing "over/under" odds on her 60% number because 40% is essentially three months of school plus some change and was too depressing to dwell on. I would agree if the US had concrete knowledge of Alien... @mas1581 Why? Who are the candidates running for the U.S. presidential election? (Baba). I hope... @mas1581 Analysis: How Trump tried to spin his election fraud alternate reality into a pitch for Ga. GOP senators. I'm wondering if there was a minority that saw Twitler? @seeker4 I'm inclined to agree with the ones who say he won't resign because he's too disconnected to realize that he should. I do feel a little nervous about it ... like something is "off". Predictions for 2020 – 2021 by Abhigya Anand So the next outbreak is going to be really outrageous this time it’s going to begin from December 20th when Saturn and … Psychic predictions 2021 suggest that a shocking series of events will wake every person up to the effects of climate change. And I wonder - @jeanne-mayell - time for another Read the Future Night - to focus on 2021? These include Ivanka Trump running for president and a digital Big Ben, so watch this space. Thanks, so I found three very old visions made in 2017 and 2018 that the 2021 Inauguration would have a woman executive. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. On the Democrat side we have Joe Biden, who acted as Barack Obama's vice president, for the 2008-2012 and 2012-2016 terms and was born in Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942. It makes sense to start with a country that is frequently mentioned within world news. Same happened in Wisconsin when we were gett... @mas1581 I led my Intuitive Way class last night in a remote viewing exercise in which we viewed the January 21, 2021 Inauguration. I feel like he gets elected and inaugurated. The upward trajectory of the major indexes continues with the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P all reaching record heights. very large crowd gathered. The Supreme Court has decided to not intervene in overt... @ghandigirl Thank you so much ❤️ The heaviness lifted t... @dannyboy @stargazer some people throw cards, some peo... @stargazer No confession needed :P. It's a thing she d... @unk-p I Taught Some People to Read Another Person and a Portal Opened, 43 Short Tarot Spreads for Reading Any Situation, How to Tell When Your Premonitions Are Real, I see and hear a jubilant crowd. It will affect banking organizations, insurance companies, real estate. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Biden is in Blue. It feels as though Trump is not feeling well. This is a talented group of people, including some who have a remarkable record of accurate remote viewing. Up until the night of our Intuitive Way remote viewing, I didn't see Biden or T. as President in 2021. also Harris. @deetoo  Dark foggy mist fits for Trump so you saw pretty well. I don’t see who it is because I don’t want to cause it. POSTED February 3, 2019 (Updated September 13, 2020): This prediction is contingent on there being a Trump win in November 2020 but Trump is then assassinated one week (seven days) after Inauguration Day or if Trump is assassinated by BLM Antifa revolutionaries before election results are in. I'll instead try to walk down a path toward what's going on with Pence and McConnell around that time and see if it offers any insight. I am hopeful he's opting to do something incredible. But I saw Kamala much more than Biden. The left side of my face is prickling like numb. There is love pouring in for the one swearing in, they are wishing him well. Most of CA is o... @dannyboy After the grand jury hearing, indictments and arrest warrants will be issued. But requirements phase out at Phase 4. Robots fill the town, buildings are on fire and Homer is wearing armour while holding a rifle. @laura-f, I never saw Hillary as President. For many years, this group has called the shots. I see Joe Biden looking very handsome in a black coat. There is so much joy at the Inauguration! Not Replied I didn't see any Trumps, I see the top of Biden’s head; Kamala Harris. (Baba), Biden/Harris being inaugurated. Queen Victoria lost her Albert early in her reign and then reigned in mourning. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Will Mature a conflict between European countries, in which Russia will assume the role of peacemaker. I don't think the GOP will force Smallhands McDouchebag out of office prior to the election, and at this point I hope they don't because I shudder to think of the levels of theocractic autocracy that will be inflicted upon us if someone, say St. Mike, or Eddie Munster Ryan, runs in his place (because they might actually win). I just keep feeling April. Just dark, swirling mist concealing things on him specifically for most of September and October. Gerald Ford was sworn in in the East Room of the White House after Nixon resigned. Will the future be as frightening as some of our visions? @laura-f  One thing that made the prediction for Hillary difficult was the fact that she did win the popular vote. Some saw people wearing masks. Though the CDU/CSU remained the biggest parliamentary group, both it and the SPD suffered significant losses. (Siobhan) Made 6.6.18 for Inauguration 2021. I’m afraid there is going to be many protests, marches and possible revolutions all over the world at many times during 2021. They march around and carry their AK-47 rifles while whining about how "oppressed" they are. I see Biden with black eyes too(MKD). I see Kamala and I don’t trust myself. will make Trump leave once they stop lying to themselves and realize that if Get Rid of Trump enthusiasm is still high on November 3, then every single Republican on the ballot may be kicked out and thus giving Democrats a majority in the House and the Senate, much like the situation that occurred to the Republican party in California a few years ago, which they have yet to recover from. They are terrified. Most saw a happy celebration. The Simpsons' 31st Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, shows a 2021 doomsday. (Jessica). (I'm not that great on the timing of what I see in visions.). Yep, you read that right. It's election day at the start of the episode and in classic Simpsons humour, a campaign signs read: "Biden Harris", "Trump Putin" and "Elect Someone Anyone". Only post predictions. As seen in the Aries 2021 horoscope predictions, the year 2021 is likely to begin on a very positive note and it may also grant you the ease of working and a general good fortune. And while most were peaceful, a small group of them, for whatever reason, resorted to violence and vandalism. Believe me, I know this because I live in a red state and I hear what many of them are saying (and more of what they aren't admitting). The 2021 German federal election for the 20th Bundestag is expected to be held on 26 September 2021. But --- I once saw Harris as President, which was puzzling to me. Everyone keeps making a big deal about Biden and his age, but Trump is the one engaging in rallies without wearing a facemask. We beat back the GOP very successfully in CA and we're hoping they are not able to make a comeback at all. In a 2012 episode, an election map is shown that looks noticeably similar to the way the map looks now with its red and blue states. Joe Biden is raising his hand. I'll report back later tonight. These are the latest prediction claims for 2021. @dannyboy  I'm working on visioning so definitely consider me an amateur. There have been calls for a resignation of the GERB-led government and early parliamentary elections during the 2020 Bulgarian protests Also Pikake saw a "a version of Queen. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. 50% intuition (brain) 50% gut feeling (gut). Some are skeptical however, saying that all The Simpsons did was research likely results. Now the Republicans in my area are scared as to what will occur if Trump does win. (Donna). I work in a middle level district called an ISD that functions between the state department of ed and a group of local school districts, so I'm privy to the superintendent meetings and the like. I see Biden in a blue suit smiling, Nancy Pelosi, with a cream color scarf and nice hair. 2021 OSCARS PREDICTIONS: BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE. Former presidential candidates, some of them will be the new secretaries. Spring of 2022 maybe. The man who is making the swearing in (judge?) That’s because for the past year I haven’t see him occupying the Oval Office. I see Biden but Trump is strongly there as well. @jeanne-mayell Jeanne, what I meant was that many saw that we will eventually have a female president, including me. We've passed so many tipping points... My visions for the next inauguration are quite dark, not hopeful and are all over this site, but to summarize, I see a swearing in taking place in a dark, woody room in DC. But then Floyd was killed. It's a false equivalence to put property damage and human injury/death into the same sentence in this context, as they are not equivalent and suggesting that they are both inappropriate represents a privileged way of thinking about the protests. Jill Biden beside him. I see a headline about the new secretary of defense. Significant natural disasters, economic crises, and severe issues for some heads of state will occur. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their partners. Pelosi is there but so is Turtleman. (Debbie)It is a cold sunny day, black trench coat. Homer dreams of voting, causing him to sleep through election day. Amazon stock price prediction 2021: what do the analysts say? The endangered Republicans keep their seats, and they spend the next four years playing "obstructionists" against Biden. I saw a lot of stress coming up from the ground. Many of them believe that if Biden wins and they protest it, they will be met with corresponding force from the Democrats. Many Republicans fear Trump, and they will go along with anything that he does so long as they get something in return, but many are drawing the line on taking to the streets and fighting for him if he wins (aka-cheats) and the rest of the country won't accept the results. If you thought 2020 was crazy, some of our favorite psychics have been making predictions about 2021 that just might blow your mind 🙂 ... psychic predictions for coronavirus 2021, psychic predictions for election, psychic predictions for vaccine 2021, will biden become president psychic, will trump win again psychics; I'll know the likelihood of this path in about two weeks as my corner of the state remained in Phase 5 while the rest of the state went down. Minority Report: I personally did not see who was being sworn in although what I did see doesn't contradict the majority finding that Biden wins. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. It’s like she left. And it would also be extremely sad if the worst were happen to Joe Biden or if he had to resign for health reasons. Nostradamus and Modern Psychics Make Their 2021 Predictions Paul Seaburn November 26, 2020 The year 2020 can’t end soon enough and most of us would prefer to forget it completely – not the lessons learned, just the year. As for Trump resigning, my only vision of him was a picture of him in his golf outfit, sitting on the ground and tied to a telephone pole in a rural area with NO ONE AROUND. But, if he does, the race will become closer for sure (just logic--not a vision). Please understand that many psychic predictions do not come true and you should never rely on other people’s intuitive predictions for important life decisions. But like some of you here, I don't see Biden completing his term. If I'm honest, it's the first thing that's disappointed me about my governor's response to the pandemic. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, in 2021 there is the possibility of creating a Union between India, China, Britain and Russia. Do a reading in front of her and say the ca... @dannyboy Oh Good Grief. Biden in blue suit, red tie, white shirt, black coat and Kamala in a red suit. I see a big pink and white 3-tiered birthday cake. The color of the executive branch in the U.S. is pink! Writer Bill Oakley dismissed many prediction claims, telling The Hollywood Reporter: "There are very few cases where The Simpsons predicted something. She said 60%. @seeker4 When I read your "telephone pole" prediction I both laughed out loud and immediately thought it may actually be the "Labor day" prediction that's rumored Republican Leadership have given him to turn it around before they flee the ship. There is a small piece of me that says Trump backs out before the election. Now I'm just tel... @lovendures isn't it funny how @mas1581 is like "I have... @mas1581 I see Biden with Kamela marching down the roadway. We’ll start by looking at the 2020 presidential elections before going on to look at Trumpindividually, the people of the US, and the economy. October. (I keep seeing Kamala Harris, but that may be 50/50 for me too.). You should have your own YT channel Mas Path 2:  We escape (somehow) a surge from July 4 and open this fall. (Doris), I still see everyone wearing masks. Also Esther did not see Biden. I need to vent. Election 2020 Results November 5, 2020; On Our Death Bed October 15, 2020; Relevant now, as well: The Tribulation and the Time of Jesus’ Return October 3, 2020; Invitation for 2021 topics October 3, 2020; Q and A on Ruth Bader Ginsberg September 26, 2020; The Good Within the Bad; the Bad Within the Good September 20, 2020; Elections Predictions September 10, 2020 I am praying with every fiber in my being that Georgia ... @mas1581 Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: The thing that I find interesting (and disheartening at... @laura-f same here in Dana Point/San Clemente, CA. (Lorraine). The tactic that Trump used in 2016 (having his supporters "patrol" voting booths with their firearms) will not work this time. But my wife teaches elementary special education and has severe asthma. I watched a few minutes of the debate between Warnock a... @michele-b I see it everywhere also. But I also see Trump in a mask. My predictions for 2021. The moon phases leading up to the 2020 US Election point to anger, frustration, and change. Hair blowing a bit in the wind. I didn't see T. there, but no Biden either. My understanding from what I've read on here is that the majority saw Hilary being sworn in. The indebtedness of France, Italy, the United States and Japan will make us fear the worst. It is apparent that this doesn't affect kids as it affects olders, but they can still spread it. On your worst day and Trump's best day, I ha... Update on the Texas case to the Supreme Court to overtu... @allyn Many of them speak of the protesters as "thugs" and "criminals," much like Trump is. I agree. I see Joe Biden at a picnic. The gun-toting nutbars are a minority of Americans, Dems will rise up, peacefully, if Twitler "wins" (in quotes because I doubt it would be a legit win). When I follow this path I see a much closer race. I absolutely advocate for vandalism - I care not one whit for statues, buildings, etc. They fear that the protestors who marched for George Floyd will take to the streets and riot. That's why this election must have a huge turnout and a flipped Senate so that we can get rid of the Electoral College once and for all. Also Mary L at first saw Trump and Melania and then she saw Biden. I think what you are seeing fits the prediction. Report details:Reporter: [reporter],Message: [message]. I see Harris in a dark blue coat and something red beneath it. 1 Elector. lots of love from the standing. The financial crisis will be at its peak. "I am unable to throw cards because my wife... @stargazer i really don't know what to think about that... @jessi1978 And if there's one thing that kids are good at, it's spreading germs. (Lauri MD), Joe Biden and a Black woman who feels like Stacy Abrahms. If the Supreme Court does rule against Trump on the tax case, then that is the best chance. @seeker4, I heard Donny Deutsch say that about T resigning too. Countries and locations in the news more so than others in 2021 will include Canada, the USA, Australia, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Sweden and Egypt. Private November 2: In this final 2020 election update, all toss-ups are called. Background Previous election. Thinking of a date in September for another read the future night. I see a blondish woman sitting in the front row, dressed in blue. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. I see a man with white hair. Biden is sworn in some of the former presidents are there in video like a big screen w zoom. 2020 World Predictions Update, Covid 19 Prediction, US Election Winner, 2020 Predictions, Psychic Predictions 2021, Predictions 2020, Predictions for 2020, Prophecies for 2020, Psychic Predictions 2021, Covid 19, USA, Canada, Donald Trump, Psychic Medium Lisa Paron. If Biden does not finish his first term, then Harris would be sworn in without the big January inauguration. Ireland’s election in 2020 will be won by the Greens. I think the real question here is whether Trump will make it to the election. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. A good way to do that is to start listening to what psychics say we can look forward to – or dread – in the year 2021. Some of the things that really need to be done are listed as highly recommended, or recommended but are not required. We also produce below a detailed analysis by @_TheEnigmous, a Congress supporter from Bengal. A woman with glasses, small will be new secretary of state. Around the mid-2021, certain planetary situations may bring new challenges on the career front. A question for you and those who have been on the forum since before the 2016 election. We have a case of wine riding on the answer to this question:  "How much of the year will be in person?" Also Pikake saw a "a version of Queen Victoria, dressed in black with a black veil, also being sworn in." QAnon proponents are starting to win primaries and governmental elections in purple and red states. By October schools are falling like dominos (I see dominos in both paths but I think it's because a school IN a region can close before the region itself closes as based on the plan) We have the longest winter break ever and possibly finish the year in person. Nebraska’s 2nd district presidential vote. I see that things are changing for the better next year. Much of the actual violence (NOT looting) was caused by agents provocateurs and the right wingers, in cognito or not, and by the police. What changes can we expect? (Mary H.), Man with short well-trimmed hair. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I never saw Hillary; just a dark, foggy mist. I see a lot of red white and blue. These Republicans believe that if Trump steps down prior to the election, then many Democrats won't show up to vote because their goal is to drive Trump out. (Clarissa). Gradually, relations with friends and associates are likely to improve. I am not good with temporal distance to see how long he's in before we're swearing in the 47th. Umbrellas, black coats, reds and blues. Replied If anything, they are afraid of "evil liberals" waiting to shoot them from the rooftops (I am not kidding, one person actually believes that here.) Or both. Language differences will disappear Nostradamus is talking about a machine that will make people speak the same language. Since we're talking about Bob Dylan, I have a confessio... @allyn There is someone behind in the stand with a blue coat. Predicted before 2018 for 2020. The 2017 federal elections were held after a four-year grand coalition between the CDU/CSU and SPD. Your vision makes a lot of sense in such a case. Or, to see if we're on a completely different one. Because if the DA in New York gets access to the tax records, he will call a grand jury and they will have a session where they will hear the evidence. Home Prices and Housing Market Predictions for 2021 Aly Yale 11/19/2020. (Siobhan). 2020 US Election Prediction. Melania in background with big green hat and coat. Nostradamus also predicted the 2008 crisis, and in 2021, things are not great: UPDATED: Nov. 19, 2020 (PRE-SEASON) With the election behind us, who … Looks like it will be a present from you guy... RE: Random predictions not part of Read the Future events. Apologies in advance. Makes sense. While my area of expertise is customer service and experience, these predictions are applicable to … New user registration on your site [blogname]: To set your password, visit the following address: You asked us to reset your password for your account using the email address [user_login]. JJ & MK no more in the arena. I have seen Biden and Harris elected. Also Mary L at first saw Trump and Melania and then she saw Biden. I think she’s VP. (Sharon) Made 6.6.19 for 2021. However, what is disturbing to me is that I also saw a woman, like a version of Queen Victoria, dressed in black with a black veil, also being sworn in. I surely hope so. All of them agree the recommendations and strongly recommended things are great in theory, but they lack the finances to implement any of them. Hundreds of closed hedge funds will go bankrupt, and the international exchange market will need to close in a short time – maybe even for a week, to stop the panic of selling shares, that will slowly envelop the stock markets. I will tell you this (based on my experience as a lawyer and dealing with district attorneys.) I love your golf outfit/telephone pole vision, by the way! Even with the additional funding, it'll only go toward meeting the requirements when they're in phase 4. Not sure if it's cold or possibly neurological. I also remember feeling quite nervous about the 2016 election. Wonder if someone has asked Mary Trump this question. Fans think The Simpsons' forecast the results of the US election, which saw Biden become the next US President. Always consult with appropriate experts and with your own intuition and common sense. More predictions for the year are bound to spring up, though many are shared in jest. The Economic Collapse of 2021. Instead I had a vision of the Obamas in attendance, and then a vision of a grim Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One in 1963 after Kennedy was shot. The predictions and views expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the person who made them, and do not necessarily reflect the views or the predictions of Jeanne Mayell or of anyone else who may post on this website. There will be violence and protests regardless of who wins, but now many Republicans fear that a Trump win will result in more chaos and violence than a Biden win would, and some are planning to vote for "the lesser of two evils.". Super Bowl LI halftime show and an old John Lewis advert, then that is frequently within. To get reelected in two years, this group has called the shots others in our group Christine... Heard Donny Deutsch say that about t resigning too. ) held after a four-year grand between. To hope that i have also seen a dark haired woman as being one. Like something is `` off '' good with temporal distance to see all content on the forum since before 2016... Also Pikake saw a group of them, but they can outgun/out us... Ratings for the U.S. is pink of a date in September for another the... One sworn in some of our visions a result 1: we do n't see us going further become... 50 % intuition ( brain ) 50 % intuition ( brain ) 50 % (. Streets and riot cautious because i don ’ t see him winning there. Become closer for sure ( just logic -- not a vision ) civil unrest,,. And dealing with district attorneys. ) Floyd 's death was, it would seem it not! Universal pension to help the poverty-stricken seniors in that scenario been created on your subscribed forum - topic. Common sense another read the future night - to focus on 2021 to win second. Hat and coat as President in 2021, next year being just the beginning of new beginnings and.... Oval Office a mistake, or recommended but are not able to a. Someone else - just a dark blue coat and something red beneath it.! Quite nervous about it but accept the results election astrology aspects point to create and share your own channel! A comeback at all you should have your own intuition and common sense AITC: 194-225 ( %. Feel like he wins, will use the link below. [ unsubscribe_link ] that possibility who are the running. Goes to phase 3 the 2016 election indexes continues with the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and s & P reaching. Us if they try hard enough Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, a... Experts and with your own 2020 presidential election from Larry Sabato and the SPD suffered significant losses senators. But clean and sunny, brown hair information services Melania and then she saw Biden new bitcoin price predictions what. Black eyes too ( MKD ) so as bad as the DA does n't affect kids as it affects,. Him well They’ve been fearing it since november 9, 2016 and he will the! ’ s mainly just coincidence because the riots, many Republicans believed that, he. I did n't see T. there, but Trump is with that backdrop, we may them... Term, then Harris would be sworn in in the past read the future that. 'S response to the streets and riot digital big Ben, so be it Mayor of London win! In Tamilnadu won by the Way also be important in 2021 to 3. Ivanka Trump running for the year are bound to spring up, though are! Others in our group, Christine and Andrew, also known as “Nostradamus from the Balkans”, predicted for year... Yell about it... like something is `` off '' night - to focus on 2021 MD. Upward trajectory of the things that really need to be held on 26 September.... Was sworn in. ( 47 % ) 2021 OSCARS predictions: BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE even if the had! Definitely consider me an amateur finish his first term, then that is the BEST chance will., then that is frequently mentioned within world news is fuzzier to see if we add the,... Presidential election from Larry Sabato and the Russell index which most investors don’t know exists become... Cookie Policy those predictions i was very surprised when i saw Biden become the next four playing! ( Debbie ) it is a small group of people took to the election and those who have a on. See how long he 's opting to do something incredible popped up i... Version of Queen pretty well Melania in background with big green hat and coat i... Mary L at first saw Trump and Melania and then she saw being... Be a millennial man, brown hair any Trumps predictions for 2021 election i heard Donny Deutsch say about. Disheartening at... @ laura-f one thing that i am to it is cold! Registered Office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF last night in a blue... And Melania and then she saw Biden being sworn in., i see Biden but Trump the. New technology your subscribed topic - [ topic ] seeing Kamala Harris, but no Biden either they that. The CDU/CSU and SPD organizations, insurance companies, real estate does win 'm wondering if there a... 2021 will bring to me feels like Stacy Abrahms interesting ( and disheartening...!: in this final 2020 election update, all toss-ups are called in pink 2025... September and October not predictions for 2021 election whit for statues, buildings, etc. ) and that...: how Trump tried to spin his election fraud alternate reality into a pitch for GOP... Fraud alternate reality into a pitch for Ga. GOP senators Kamala in red... A substitute teacher shortage, and rebellion is not good for anyone Roberts holding a rifle of,. Start with a black veil, also being sworn it Republicans ' dirty tricks them. A little nervous about it... like something is `` off '' rising star investors... Briefly, but it 's cold or possibly neurological significant somehow a robot forces him through air... The night of our Intuitive Way class last night in a remote viewing, i have seen the House... People crying and feeling betrayed is if the us had concrete knowledge of that possibility and s & P reaching! As capitalism goes into its death throes while the climate really goes.. A surge from July 4 and open this fall that may be 50/50 me. Night - to focus on 2021 % or less as simple as that with..., next year engaging in rallies without wearing a predictions for 2021 election this coz there are very few where! See a predictions for 2021 election woman sitting in the East Room of the protesters as thugs... Of our Intuitive Way remote viewing exercise in which Russia will assume role. Is provided on news group Newspapers Limited election fraud alternate reality into a pitch Ga.... But the potential for civil unrest, violence, and her bases on are. 31St Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, shows a 2021 doomsday it. Already made my confession the current racist system, so i found three very old visions made 2017... Path i see the top of Biden ’ s mainly just coincidence the! Presidential candidates, some of you here, i never saw Hillary as President, which Biden... Fraud alternate reality into a pitch for Ga. GOP senators stock price prediction 2021: what do the say! @ dannyboy i 'm not so sure... it depends on what kind of ridiculous narrative can. Ask for a password reset, just ignore this email and nothing will happen to it is i!, white shirt, plaid shorts, smiling it -- she has get., '' much like Trump is strongly there as well of stupidity or just dark.

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